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Journal of the Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineers



Volume 7 No. 1



June 2010


An Ergonomic Evaluation and Analysis for Identification of Risks Factors that Contribute to Musculoskeletal Disorder and Other Related Illness Exposures in Sugarcane


L. R. Bauyon
C. Matias

Quality Function Deployment for Service Development of Selected Private Colleges / Universities


Ma. Teodora Gutierrez

Addressing the potential takeback effect of efficiency improvement in a lean implementation


Jerrick Christopher Dy
Kelvin Lee
Daphne Anne Patricio
Anna Bella Siriban-Manalang

A Decision Support System for Long-Term Supplier Selection Using Configurable Decision Criteria


Eugene Rex Jalao

Laser Marking Productivity Improvement and Ergonomics Assessment in XXX Inc.


Alein Navares
Shellame Pepito



Volume 7 No. 2



November 2010



The Associated Effects of Shifts Work on Absenteeism and Productivity among Inbound Customer Service Representatives


Aura C. Matias
Damirson A. Co

Application of Work Measurement in the Analysis of the True Copy of Grades Processing at the College of Engineering in UP Diliman


Lorelie C. Grepo
Aura C. Matias

An Application Of Operation Management Disciplines In Improving The Productivity And Efficiency Levels At The Repacking Area Of The Pfc Corporation


Katherine L. Lim
Niño Rey S. Mata
Jerramay S. Patalinghug
Krista Belle Joy F. Tan
Gina M. Cabag

The Application of Ergonomic Assessment in Laser Marking Productivity Improvement


Alein B. Navares Shellame R. Pepito

Determination of the Optimal U-turn Design Using Simulation


Jocel Cathrine Baltao
Dave Conrad De Leon
Kayzee G Iyo
Abegail Manalansan
Eugene Rex Jalao



Journal of the Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineers



Volume 6 No. 1




June 2009


A Strategic Study on the Telecommunications Industry


Alma Maria Jennifer Gutierrez

A Reliability Study on the Landing Gears of the Various Airbus Models of Philippine Airlines


Ma. Cecilia Carlos
Micaela Romano

Examining the Impacts of Product Recovery to Production-Distribution Systems – A Systems Dynamics Approach


Dennis Beng Hui
Charlle Sy

Evaluation of Noise Environment in the Production Department of Gomeco Metal Corporation


Ma. Cecilia Carlos
Cornelio Sia

Ergonomic Design of Silken Tofu (Taho) Vendors’ Equipment and Work Method for Improvised Safety and Productivity


Michelle Andrews
Yasmin Angeles
Jesus Gallegos IV
Rosemary Seva

Errata:  An Analysis of the Behaviors of Multiple Robots that Implement Ant Colony Clustering Using Mobile Agents

Yasushi Kambayashi
Osamu Sato
Yasuhiro Tsujimura
Hidemi Yamachi
Hisashi Yamamoto



Volume 6 No. 2



December 2009



Crew Resource Management Effectiveness and Acceptance in the Philippine Aviation Industry


Alma Maria Jennifer Gutierrez
Rosemary Seva
Jazmin Chong-Tangsoc

 Enhance Competitive Priority in Managerial Performance Using Analytical Network Process


Chih Cheng Chen
Jackie Ming Lang Tseng
Anthony SF Chiu

 A Multi-Objective Multi-Period Model for Multiple Contaminant Wastewater Reuse Networks with Regeneration Units and Fuzzy Appoach


Dennis Cruz
Jane Heather Dee
Miguel Zavalla

 Drivers of Small and Medium Enterprises’ (SME) Eco-Orientation in the Oil and Gas Industry


Gerardo B. Aguila II
Anthony SF Chiu


Journal of the Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineers



Volume 4 No. 1





A Dynamic Measurement of Operator Performance of Supervisory Tasks 

Jun-Hao Chen
Yi-Jan Yau 
Tsun-Hung Huang 
 Sheue-Ling Hwang


Planning the Biofuel Logistics System in the Philippines

Alvin John Ang Chua, 
Amado Miguel 
Mirasol de Jesus
Denise Mae Lacuna Pangilinan


The Suitable Factors Study for Polyester powder coating on Lap Seam welding of a Can Production     

Somkiat Jongprasithporn


Multivariate DEMR Model in Quality Control and Reliability Engineering Modeling         

Renkuan Guo
Danni Guo 
Tim Dunne
Chun Yuan Cheng


The Value Chain as an Operations Reference Model     Antonie van Rensburg
An Analysis of the Behaviors of Multiple Robots that Implement Ant Colony Clustering Using Mobile Agents

Yasushi Kambayashi
Osamu Sato
Yasuhiro Tsujimura
Hidemi Yamachi
Hisashi Yamamoto


System Availability Model Subject to Multi-State Failure

Arijit Heung Suk Hwang
Meng-Jong Goan
Wen-Hwa Ko
Gyu-Sung Cho


A Method of Identifying Differences among Members in Group Decision Making

Lungchuang Wang Hsiuyu Tsai
Gang Lee
Weichen Liao





Volume 4 No. 2



November 2007


An Airline Yield Management Simulation Model for a Single Leg Flight with Multiple Fare Classes Allowing Cancellations, No-shows, and Chance Passengers with an Assessment of Different Booking Policies

 Aissa Mae Villanueva,
 Bryan Gobaco


A Strategic Facility Location Model for an Integrated Logistics System in a Finite Planning Horizon with Probabilistic Customer/Supplier Participation

 Kim Janeya
 C.A. Lee 
Dennis T. Beng Hui


Using Response Surface Methodology to  Build a Meta-Model for a Non-Linear Mixed Integer Lean Supply Chain Problem

 Dennis E. Cruz
Wilfrido D. Kabiling


An Inventory Allocation Model Using Price Protection and Product Return Subsidies for Supply Chains under Declining Price Environments

 Richard Li
Bryan Py


A Multi-Echelon, Multi-Product-Type, Site Selection and Inventory Allocation Supply Cain Model for Lean Facilities

 Dennis E. Cruz
Wilfrido D. Kabiling









 Journal of the Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineers


 Volume 5 No. 1



June 2008


The Application of Biomimicry

 Yong Geng
Tsuyoshi Fujita


A Structural Equation and Prediction Model of Sales Organization Effectiveness and its Antecedents for Consumer Goods Companies in the Philippine

 Caroline Patricio
Andrew Michael Sim
Karla Mae Urriquia         
Dennis Beng Hui


Hybrid MCDM Analysis of Flexibility Manufacturing Competence and Managerial performance: A Case Study

 ML Tseng
YH Lin
MH Lin
ASF Chiu


Noise Exposure and Hearing Loss Prevention among Aerospace Industry Workers in Taiwan

 Tai-Chang Hsia


The Critical Buffer-Level in Scheduling Re-entrant Lines: A Proposal for a Dispatching Policy to Minimize Average Holding Costs

 Iris Ann G. Martinez
Dedrick Balanggao
Dianne Guan Hing
Jennifer Maula


A Statistical Approach to Evaluating and Revising the SERVQUAL Instrument for Use in the Philippine Fast-food Industry

 Richard Li
Wilfrido Kabiling




 Volume 5 No. 2  June 2008
“Lean” as a Process Improvement Approach in Government Service Processes

 Michelle V. Mancenido


An Experimental Forecasting Model

 Steven C. Ang
Joan C. Manahan


Evaluation of Managerial Performance in Manufacturing Flexibility System

 Ming-Lang Tseng
Yuan-Hsu Lin Anthony SF Chiu


Industry Linkage Program: Supply Chain Management  Adeline A. Pacia
Key Performance Indicators/Metrics in a Project Feasibility Study - The Garage: A Multi-Storey Parking Building in Binondo Case Study

 Carlos Ignacio P. Lugay
Paolo Ramon O. De Leon
Emma Ruth R. Fajardo
Jan Vincent C. Filler
Larry Vincent M. Ramos 
John Paul C. Villegas


An Optimal Reallocation Policy Model for Perishable Consumer Goods on a Finite Planning Horizon Considering Product Desirability

 Dennis T. Beng Hui
Karlo Antonio F. Benasa
Joan Corazon C. Go
Maria Carinez T. Salvador










  Journal of the Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineers
 Volume 3 No. 1     February 2006
A Multi-criteria Rough Set Based Methodology for Life Cycle Impact Assessment  Kathleen Aviso
Raymond Tan
Alvin Culaba
A Structural Equation Model of Green Supply Chain Management Practices and Firm Performance  Ming-Lang Tseng
Anthony Chiu
Jiu-Hsiang Chiang
The Effect of Color Attributes on Affective Experiences in Selected Consumer Products  Rosemary Seva
Eugene Han
Martin G. Helandar
Methods Design Concept: (An Effective Approach for Profitability)  Shigeyasu Sakamoto
A Dynamic Programming-based Model for Determining the Optimum Workforce Size  Iris Ann G. Martinez
Karen Penaflorida
Shierly Ocampo
Julius Velasco
Jonah Sarmiento


 Volume 3 No. 2   November 2006
Methods Design Concept: An effective approach to profitability    Shigeyasu Sakamoto
Occupational health and safety, work design, total quality management, and worker productivity: an empirical study in food factories, Taiwan     Ming-Lang Tseng
Anthony Chiu
The Use of Statistical Process Control Tools: A survey on Philippine-based manufacturing and service   Willy F. Zalatar
A Combinatorial Optimization Model for Selection of Technological Alternatives on a Life-Cycle Basis: Application to Power Generation with Carbon Sequestration  Alvin B. Culaba
Raymond R. Tan
Ergonomics and Sustainable Business: The Case of the Philippine Garments Industry         Dr. Aida Licaros- Velasco
Systems Approach to Low Back Pain Alma Maria Jennifer A. Gutierrez
An Intelligent Possible Linear Programming (IPLP) Approach for Measuring Performance Variables Under Manufacturing Arijit Bhattacharya 
G. Dimirovski
Nadir N. Barsoum
Pandian Vasant