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Journal of the Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineers


 Volume 2 No. 1 2005
The Impact of Occupational Health and Safety, and Workstation Design on Total Quality Management and Worker Productivity    JH Chiang, MI Tseng, Anthony SF Chiu
Associated Effects of Shiftwork on Health and Productivity among Outbound Call Center Agents  Aura C. Matias, Lualhati M. dela Cuesta
A Study on the Effect of Shift Rotation and Nap Time on Nurses’ Physiological and Cognitive Performance Indices  Alma Maria Jennifer A. Gutierrez, 
Jason C. Averia, Jacqueline S. Joson,
Jennifer Mae M. Reyes        
Potential Problems of Public Information Kiosks  Jazmin Chong, Rosemary Seva
Using Multi-attribute Utility Model to Assess Subjective Preferences for Three Methods of Analyzing Human Judgmental Behavior  Chi-Kuang Chen
Evaluation of the Lift Truck Tilt-Cab Feature in terms of Productivity and Comfort of Operators  Ronald Aaron U. Po, Vincent Arnold Chung
Mismatch Analysis of Classroom Furniture and Student Body Dimensions in Public Elementary Schools in District V, Manila, Philippines Jazel Ann M. Atienza, Consuelo A. Ortiguerra,
Ma. Elisa Rosario D. Tapuro, Christian Oliver A. Cruz    



 Volume 2 No. 2



October 2005


An Optimization Approach in Wafer Selection in a Assembly/Test Semiconductor Manufacturing  Environment  Lowell Lorenzo
The Relationships of Environmental Factors and Customer-Focus Manufacturing Strategy: Insights from Taiwan’s Textile industry  Ming-Lang Tseng, Anthony Chiu,
Jiu-Hsiang Chiang
Disparate Level of Satisfaction in Intelligent TOC Product-Mix Decisions using Smooth Membership Function  Arijit Bhattacharya, Pandian Vasant
A Demographic Analysis of Delighters of b2c Website Storefronts: (What Surfers Mistakenly Think are Not Important Features of B2C Storefronts)  Rumel V. Atienza
Learning-Based Decision Models in Supply Chain System  Jui-Hsiang Chiang