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  Journal of the Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineers
 Volume 3 No. 1     February 2006
A Multi-criteria Rough Set Based Methodology for Life Cycle Impact Assessment  Kathleen Aviso
Raymond Tan
Alvin Culaba
A Structural Equation Model of Green Supply Chain Management Practices and Firm Performance  Ming-Lang Tseng
Anthony Chiu
Jiu-Hsiang Chiang
The Effect of Color Attributes on Affective Experiences in Selected Consumer Products  Rosemary Seva
Eugene Han
Martin G. Helandar
Methods Design Concept: (An Effective Approach for Profitability)  Shigeyasu Sakamoto
A Dynamic Programming-based Model for Determining the Optimum Workforce Size  Iris Ann G. Martinez
Karen Penaflorida
Shierly Ocampo
Julius Velasco
Jonah Sarmiento


 Volume 3 No. 2   November 2006
Methods Design Concept: An effective approach to profitability    Shigeyasu Sakamoto
Occupational health and safety, work design, total quality management, and worker productivity: an empirical study in food factories, Taiwan     Ming-Lang Tseng
Anthony Chiu
The Use of Statistical Process Control Tools: A survey on Philippine-based manufacturing and service   Willy F. Zalatar
A Combinatorial Optimization Model for Selection of Technological Alternatives on a Life-Cycle Basis: Application to Power Generation with Carbon Sequestration  Alvin B. Culaba
Raymond R. Tan
Ergonomics and Sustainable Business: The Case of the Philippine Garments Industry         Dr. Aida Licaros- Velasco
Systems Approach to Low Back Pain Alma Maria Jennifer A. Gutierrez
An Intelligent Possible Linear Programming (IPLP) Approach for Measuring Performance Variables Under Manufacturing Arijit Bhattacharya 
G. Dimirovski
Nadir N. Barsoum
Pandian Vasant