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 Journal of the Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineers


 Volume 5 No. 1



June 2008


The Application of Biomimicry

 Yong Geng
Tsuyoshi Fujita


A Structural Equation and Prediction Model of Sales Organization Effectiveness and its Antecedents for Consumer Goods Companies in the Philippine

 Caroline Patricio
Andrew Michael Sim
Karla Mae Urriquia         
Dennis Beng Hui


Hybrid MCDM Analysis of Flexibility Manufacturing Competence and Managerial performance: A Case Study

 ML Tseng
YH Lin
MH Lin
ASF Chiu


Noise Exposure and Hearing Loss Prevention among Aerospace Industry Workers in Taiwan

 Tai-Chang Hsia


The Critical Buffer-Level in Scheduling Re-entrant Lines: A Proposal for a Dispatching Policy to Minimize Average Holding Costs

 Iris Ann G. Martinez
Dedrick Balanggao
Dianne Guan Hing
Jennifer Maula


A Statistical Approach to Evaluating and Revising the SERVQUAL Instrument for Use in the Philippine Fast-food Industry

 Richard Li
Wilfrido Kabiling




 Volume 5 No. 2  June 2008
“Lean” as a Process Improvement Approach in Government Service Processes

 Michelle V. Mancenido


An Experimental Forecasting Model

 Steven C. Ang
Joan C. Manahan


Evaluation of Managerial Performance in Manufacturing Flexibility System

 Ming-Lang Tseng
Yuan-Hsu Lin Anthony SF Chiu


Industry Linkage Program: Supply Chain Management  Adeline A. Pacia
Key Performance Indicators/Metrics in a Project Feasibility Study - The Garage: A Multi-Storey Parking Building in Binondo Case Study

 Carlos Ignacio P. Lugay
Paolo Ramon O. De Leon
Emma Ruth R. Fajardo
Jan Vincent C. Filler
Larry Vincent M. Ramos 
John Paul C. Villegas


An Optimal Reallocation Policy Model for Perishable Consumer Goods on a Finite Planning Horizon Considering Product Desirability

 Dennis T. Beng Hui
Karlo Antonio F. Benasa
Joan Corazon C. Go
Maria Carinez T. Salvador