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Journal of the Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineers



Volume 6 No. 1




June 2009


A Strategic Study on the Telecommunications Industry


Alma Maria Jennifer Gutierrez

A Reliability Study on the Landing Gears of the Various Airbus Models of Philippine Airlines


Ma. Cecilia Carlos
Micaela Romano

Examining the Impacts of Product Recovery to Production-Distribution Systems – A Systems Dynamics Approach


Dennis Beng Hui
Charlle Sy

Evaluation of Noise Environment in the Production Department of Gomeco Metal Corporation


Ma. Cecilia Carlos
Cornelio Sia

Ergonomic Design of Silken Tofu (Taho) Vendors’ Equipment and Work Method for Improvised Safety and Productivity


Michelle Andrews
Yasmin Angeles
Jesus Gallegos IV
Rosemary Seva

Errata:  An Analysis of the Behaviors of Multiple Robots that Implement Ant Colony Clustering Using Mobile Agents

Yasushi Kambayashi
Osamu Sato
Yasuhiro Tsujimura
Hidemi Yamachi
Hisashi Yamamoto



Volume 6 No. 2



December 2009



Crew Resource Management Effectiveness and Acceptance in the Philippine Aviation Industry


Alma Maria Jennifer Gutierrez
Rosemary Seva
Jazmin Chong-Tangsoc

 Enhance Competitive Priority in Managerial Performance Using Analytical Network Process


Chih Cheng Chen
Jackie Ming Lang Tseng
Anthony SF Chiu

 A Multi-Objective Multi-Period Model for Multiple Contaminant Wastewater Reuse Networks with Regeneration Units and Fuzzy Appoach


Dennis Cruz
Jane Heather Dee
Miguel Zavalla

 Drivers of Small and Medium Enterprises’ (SME) Eco-Orientation in the Oil and Gas Industry


Gerardo B. Aguila II
Anthony SF Chiu