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Journal of the Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineers



Volume 12 No. 1





A Group Decision Support System Framework for the Optimal Selection of Services From Assortments


 Eugene Rex L. Jalao
Ma. Regina Diaz

Benchmarking the Eco-Innovation in Knowledge Management Practices under Uncertainty


 Ming-Lang Tseng
Nguyen Vu Huong Nhi
Luong Duy Binh
Tran Trung Hieu
Mai Dinh Khiem

A Review of Lean Manufacturing Practices and their Benefits in Companies across Industry Type, Firm Size, Ownership, and Process Strategy


 Willy F. Zalatar
Anna Bella D. Siriban-Manalang

A Stochastic Analytic Hierarchy Process-Based Methodology for Group Decision Making


 Mar B. Cruz
Eugene Rex L. Jalao

Review of Different Schools of Thought in Human Factors and Ergonomics


 Abdulah P. Indardaya
(Anthony) Shun Fung Chiu



Volume 12 No. 2





Sequential Multi-Period Group Decision Making Using a New Framework with AHP: A Case in Stocks Selection Problem


 M.A.M. Baldoz
E.R.L. Jalao

Lean Manufacturing and Its Links to Corporate Sustainable Development: A Research Agenda


 Willy F. Zalatar
Anna Bella D. Siriban-Manalang

UPNEC Quality Journey from PQC to PQA


 Adeline A. Pacia

Usability Evaluation of a Locally Developed Learning Management System (LMS): A Case Study Using UCUE


 Lorelie C. Grepo
Aura C. Matias

Crassostrea Tile: Utilization of Oyster Shells as An Additive in the Production of Ceramic Tiles


 Merricris Uson
Kevin Avendano
Marijo Lacsamana
Mary Ann Llanes